Our Story

When Mark Hieronymus walked in a client’s door to talk taxes in the early days of his career, it often meant hauling a 75-pound 10-key Remington adding machine.  Tax returns were calculated dutifully by hand even in the early 1980’s – with client information mailed to Atlanta for processing by something called a “computer. “   Answering a tax law question might mean poring through industry newsletters for hours.   Today, the Hieronymus family and its latest generation haven’t lost that patient commitment to detail even as accounting moves to the cloud and most any query can be answered in seconds.

The roots for Hieronymus CPAs began in 1987 with George Hieronymus opening his own practice in Mobile after more than 25 years as a staff accountant and then partner with a large area firm.   Maintaining a focus on income, estate and gift taxes, George A. Hieronymus & Co. would build tremendous client relationships that last to this day.    Mark joined his father in business that same year after earning his Masters of Tax Accounting at the University of Alabama.   In 1999, George A. Hieronymus & Co. would merge with another Mobile accounting firm – forming Hieronymus, Gaillard & Jones, LLC.  The new firm would grow further eight years later with a partnership that became the largest accounting firm in the Mobile Bay area: Wilkins Miller Hieronymus, LLC.  

As yet another generation began to follow the family business, Mark and his father decided to return to their own practice in 2014. Hieronymus CPAs, LLC now includes Brooks and Forrest – both with a Masters in Tax Accounting from UA.   The firm’s staff and capabilities continue to expand from tax planning to bookkeeping, wealth transfer, strategic transactions and more.

Today, the old adding machine sits on a shelf not far from a flat screen monitor ready for teleconference, sharefile upload or lightning-fast research.   Financial problem solving today may no longer include a keystroke, but will always maintain the commitment to relationship that is the Hieronymus hallmark.

Core Values

Listen. Anticipate. Think. Solve.