Regan Collins Passes Key Portion of CPA Exam

Congratulations to Regan Collins for passing the most difficult segment of the CPA exam this spring. The Financial Account and Reporting (FAR) exam is considered the most content-heavy and challenging, covering a broad range of financial reporting and frameworks.  Regan put the remainder of his exams on pause for tax season but will sit for the Audit exam in July.

“Becoming a CPA is a huge undertaking, and fewer than half actually pass the exam” said firm CEO Mark Hieronymus. “In contrast to a standard accountant with an accounting degree, our CPA’s can prepare and sign off on audited financial statements, and work directly with the IRS on behalf of our individual and business clients.  There’s a reason this is one of the most in-demand fields in the country. Regan passed on his first try – which is also rare – and we’re enormously proud he’s well on his way to this achievement.” 

Regan is a McGill-Toolen graduate who achieved his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Alabama. He earned a Master’s in Business Administration at the University of South Alabama before joining the Hieronymus team. When not immersed in numbers, you’ll find him fishing, hunting, or enjoying time on the golf course.

“One of my favorite stories is a client that was paying far too much in shipping for a certain supply.  We happened to have another client using the same shipping method…but paying far less. We helped negotiate a much better contract based on that insight and leverage.”